Moore Organized

  • Organizing your home (organizing any size space with your preferences in mind)
  • Functional closet design
  • Storage Solutions
  • Efficient office for optimal management of files, supplies, workstations, and reference materials
  • Mail, school materials, and calendar management
Home Sale & Estate:
  • Organizing for sale (organizing high visibility areas for "hanger appeal" such as the garage, living areas, children's spaces, kitchens, closets, pool and deck areas, etc…)
  • Estate services (sorting clutter, security, locating documents, reselling unwanted furniture, garage sales, assist with bill paying, donation of items, special trash pickup, etc...)
  • Staging a home for sale
  • Recommendations for and coordination of needed repairs
  • Pre-move and moving day help
  • Setting up organizational systems in your new home
  • Storage Solutions
My clients Include:
  • Busy parents, professionals, and retirees
  • Small business owners
  • Overwhelmed home-sellers
  • Administrators handling an estate
  • Elderly downsizing to assisted living
  • Anyone wanting an organized environment

I want to emphasize that confidentiality is of utmost importance and that I am very respectful of my clients’ privacy.

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